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Testing Template

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Testing Template Empty Testing Template

Post by DarkSoul on Sun Oct 07, 2012 2:37 am

Duel Results: _/_ The posters results always go first (EG: 2/1 I won 2 to 1.)
The testee winning one duel is 3 points, 2 duels is 7 points, 3 duels is 10 points.

5 Questions: Link the testee the test from

Deck construction: Judge how good there deck, is out of 10 points.

Creativity: Whether the deck is something new, or just like all the rest. Out of 10 points.

Duel Results: _/_
Five questions: _/_
Deck Construction: _/_
Creativity: _/_

0-21 Points is "Majestic Red"
22-31 Points is "Sinister Yellow"
32-37 Points is "Demonic Blue"
38-40 Points is "Corrupted Black"

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